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Dinosaurs and Fossils

Aug 5, 2022


Dinosaurs & Fossils


Silver & Green


Circle/Sphere & Triangle/Cone





Dd – dinosaurs

Firstly, we want to start off by saying wow! The Curious Crew know the names of more dinosaurs than we do heehee! Teacher Clarissa and I were so impressed with their ability to name the dinosaurs, very well-done Crew! We love this theme as the children are very enthusiastic about it which is awesome to see!

The children worked on their cutting and pasting skills. They initially coloured in their dinosaurs and then cut the pieces and finally built their dinosaur. Most of the Crew placed the pieces in the correct places – well done! We worked on copying dot patterns which can be tricky! They have improved from earlier this year though! Kee it up Crew. We did a Maths worksheet with a graph that the Crew also seemed to easily grasp. We made our next 3D shape (cone), and the Crew loved pretending this was an ice-cream cone! We made our own fossils with play dough, went looking for dinosaur foot prints and looked at interesting books about dinosaurs. We had interesting conversations about how long-ago Dinosaurs lived, what they ate, what they did and how they are now extinct. The Crew even learnt a new big word – ‘palaeontologist.’ During cooking they created a stegosaurus out of pancakes and fruit. These were very cute and the children loved it!

We worked on our Reggio Emilia art pieces where the children could build their very own dinosaur park. They did so well and we were so impressed with their attention to detail. We made an abstract T-rex with torn up leaves in shades of brown and green. These turned out beautifully and we will be keeping them for art expo! We also started our very own fossil art piece where the children copied a model of a Pterodactyl fossil made from pasta – they did so well at recreating this and following the shapes that teacher Clarissa had demonstrated. We invited the children to create a free drawing this week, they needed to tell us what they wanted to draw and explain the drawing afterwards. They loved this activity!

We had a little fantasy play session where the Crew had to go in small groups, each with a fossil brush and magnifying glass, to try and find/dig up dinosaur fossils in the sand pit. These fossils were made from salt dough and much fun was had pretending to be little palaeontologists!

Can you believe we have made it to the end of term 2? Our cold winter term is officially over and we return for spring! How exciting. The children have worked hard and are definitely in need of a holiday and time away from the classroom to return refreshed and ready for what the busy third term holds (so do their teacher’s heehee 😉).

It is my last day with the Curious Crew as I leave for my maternity leave and will only be returning in January. I cannot believe this day has come! I am not ready to say goodbye to this wonderful class of children. They are all so special and have definitely found a place in my heart. I really am going to miss them! Thank you all so much for your love and support and beautiful baby shower gifts! I truly truly appreciate it! It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and teaching your beautiful children! All my love, teacher Jules.

Have a wonderful August holiday and stay safe.







… that no one cares what your favourite dinosaur is. BUT WE DO CARE! Tell us what your favourite dinosaur is!



 Dates to Diarise: 

Holiday Club: 8 August 

Public Holiday: 9 August

Holiday Club: 10 Aug – 2 Sept

Set Up Day: 5 Sept (NO SCHOOL)

Back to School: 6 Sept

Haircut Day: 7 Sept

School Photographs: 12-14 Sept

Hat Parade Day: 23 Sept

Public Holiday: 24 Sept



Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

Our Happy Boys and Girls!

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