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My Emotions and Valentine’s Day

Feb 16, 2024


My Emotions & Valentine’s Day


Red, Pink, White







Ll Love

We just LOVE this theme! Lol, well isn’t that ironic! At this age the Crew are more aware of the feelings that they have and what makes them feel certain ways. But it is still very important to help them manage these feelings and to help them understand that others have the same feeling as they do.  

We had a few things going on in the Curious Crew class this week. We welcomed a new friend into the Curious Crew class, we had so many fun activities… where to start! 

For our Valentine’s Day art piece we decided to make little love bugs. I’m sure you have noticed, almost each day the Crew have left school covered in glitter …  Our love bugs are just the cutest! 

For our Valentine’s Day gift, what better than to make something cool… heart shaped soap! Taking the Crew in small groups, we melted down plain soap in the microwave. But you can’t make soap without making it smell nice. First letting the Crew have a smell and guess what fragrance they are smelling, most of them smelt lemon which was really close. We added the essential oil Tangerine. So once our soap was scented and melted down, the heart shape moulds were filled, everyone had a chance to decorate their soap with some glitter and it was just the best! Each Crew member couldn’t be more proud of the little soap they were a part of making. 

Music and Movement this week is no surprise… DISCO ON THE DECK. What fun everyone had with our beautifully decorated deck, bubble blowing machine and awesome music (thank you Teacher Gemma or should I say DJ Gemma) LOL. All the children looked fabulous in their little oufits, what a wonderful time of the year filled with so much love and excitement. 

When practicing this week’s shape, number and letter of the week, the Crew did some water painting on our outside steps. It’s important when teaching, to be practical and fun. Think out the box and remember Pinterest can be your best friend. 

Another fun little activity the Crew did was a letter hunt. Teacher Tegan made hearts with all the letters of the alphabet on it. The Crew went around our outside playground to find all the letters and came back to match them with the alphabet letters displayed. Same same, matchy matchy LOL! This was a wonderful game to play and it might be fun for you to play at home. Remember to write small letters not capitals and make sure they are in the correct letter formation.  

Mind Ninja’s this week was focused on ‘Bucket Filling’ and ‘Bucket Dipping.’ This concept is to teach children about their actions and how it can make others feel. We went over a few examples of situations that happened in class. These moments are great tools to use to teach. A situation they have just experienced is one of the best ways to use as an example. Bucket fillers make us feel loved and joyful. Bucket dippers make us feel sad or frustrated. I used examples like when the Crew arrive in the morning and greeting them with a big hug and a big smile fills my bucket full of love. When someone doesn’t share or hurts one another these are the things that dip a bucket. So lets be Bucket Fillers!  

For Yoga this week the songs for the week incorporated core strength and exercises. ‘If you love yoga and you know it’ they did tree, warrior, lion and tortoise. ‘Sitting on the floor’ is a song about fun movements to do whilst sitting on the floor. Finishing off with some quiet time. Boy do the Crew love these yoga songs! 

Cooking this week was done today and we made Heart Shaped little pizza’s this was such a lovely practical activity and food is always enjoyed more when it’s made by the Crew themselves.  

Have a great love filled weekend everyone! 

Next week’s theme: Healthy Eating, Etiquette and Manners  

Have a wonderful weekend!


 Dates to Diarise:

20 Feb: Fire Drill

21 Feb: HH Term Meeting

22 Feb: Mid-Term Break Up Day

23 – 26 Feb: Mid Term Break & Camping Weekend

27 Feb: Back to School


Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Tegan and the Curious Crew Assistants

Love Is In The Air!

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