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My Emotions and Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2022


My Emotions & Valentine’s Day


Pink, Red, White







Ll – Love

Ah what a wonderful week we had learning about our emotions, love and Valentine’s Day. We had a very busy week as we had a student teacher (teacher Carla) visiting us. The children loved her and she had some lovely activities planned.

We started learning about all the kinds of emotions one can experience. The children had to search the classroom for hidden little faces that expressed each emotion. We read the story “Inside Out” which is a great lesson on emotions. The children were all tasked with making their own ‘emoji’ face. They had all kinds of expressions to choose from to make up their own unique feeling. While some were working on this, others were working on a “Brain Gym”. This activity really challenged them but we were very impressed with how they managed.

We started working on our Valentine’s Day art and crafts. A tricky task that they were given was to cut out little hearts to add to their Valentine’s Day card. This really challenged their fine motor and coordination skills. We are sure you are going to love their efforts 😊

Heart Matters was another great reinforcement on the importance of emotions this week. They learnt about the feeling of being scared and had to colour in particular things that scared them.

Cooking was a hit this week where they made eggs in toast with a heart shape cut out. They loved this fun activity with Chef Buso.

We continued to challenge the Crew this week by starting with our ‘class jobs’. Each child will be given the chance to have a little class job. They all love this and can’t wait to have a turn to be line leader, snack/lunch helper and plant waterer.

Have a wonderful weekend all!



The Crew can Cruise!

 The Crew kiddies sure can move!

It was so cute to watch the boys and girls dancing away and enjoying the music at our Valentine’s Disco! 


Dates to Diarise:


Haircut Day: 16 Feb

Bon Fire Picnic: 18 Feb

Mid-Term Break: 25th – 28th Feb

(no school, no Holiday Club)





Lots of love

Teacher Clarissa, Teacher Jules and the Curious Crew Assistants

Love is in the air!


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